WeStake:Club x Mina

Stake your Mina Protocol tokens to and earn block rewards without worries. Best validator in town ;)


Only 2% fee
Supercharged Rewards
Developing the ecosytem

Automatic payout
Rewards fairly shared
Happy to chat with you

Stake on Clorio Wallet

- Open Clorio Wallet
- Access your wallet
- Head to the staking page
- Delegate to Carbonara
- Sit back and earn rewards

Stake on Mina Client

This is the command you need:

mina client delegate-stake
-receiver B62qq6ZYPG5JsjZnGJ3pADmRn6hU6qy13EhraTSymjSgyEDwoDR9Gd6
-fee 0.1

Why choose WeStake:Club

We are a team of dedicated people that love to devolop blockchain ecosystems. People already staked on us over 500M+ USD across different blockchain projects. Our Mina infrastructure is spread in datacenters around the world and relies on over 8 nodes for the ecosystem.

But most important, we are human... Do you need help to stake or you found any issue? Send a message to Carbonara#5880 on Discord, we will be happy to talk.

Built by WeStake:Club

We are pioneers of the Mina Protocol Ecosystem, this is what we built so far:

Delegate now &
Earn rewards &
Join us on Discord.